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We are exclusive distributor in Australia of iconic Polish brands: J.A. Baczewski, Lubelski Cider and Zamojska Winery. Pliska, the classic Bulgarian brandy, was too good not to include in our offer. With our strong European heritage we want to share with you exceptional products required special presentation. Sit back, relax... Welcome to our world...

J.A. BACZEWSKI means two centuries of tradition and worldwide recognition confirmed with medals.

The secret of the taste of J.A. BACZEWSKI VODKA MONOPOLOWA is the highest quality spirit, made from selected potatoes and three-fold distillation allows for purity without depriving vodka of its character and soul. The rest is water from alpine springs and several generations of experience. It is the authenticity of the taste that makes MONOPOLOWA an unattainable model for competition: in international trade shows in Chicago, Melbourne, San Francisco, London, or wherever professional tasters and true gourmets can appreciate a super-premium vodka.



* in 1782 the first Baczewski distillery was established in Lviv

* the family producer was granted the honourable title of Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court

* the elegant bottles design were to be a distinguishing feature of the J.A. BACZEWSKI distillery for years to come

* after the end of the First World War,  distillery employed almost 350 engineers and specialists. The company quickly earned a leading position among the biggest European vodka factories well known in Paris, Praque, Vienna and both the Americas and Melbourne

* during the Second World War, the factory was totally destroyed. It took over a decade to re-establish the brand. Thanks to miraculously saved product recipes J.A. Baczewski was able to start the production of its famous vodkas and liquors again at the company's Vienna branch

ZAMOJSKA WINERY - meet polish wine

In the vast orchards of Roztocze, surrounded by nature, the finest Polish fruits ripen - full of aromas and surprising freshness. This is a place where a warm climate, gentle hills, and fertile loess soils create the ideal conditions for fruits. In the ZAMOJSKA WINERY we extract the essence of taste and aroma from them, creating noble varieties of fruit wines of unprecedented quality. They are produced in exactly the same way as grape wines.

We are using the richness of Polish nature and the best traditions of Polish viticulture. We work only with the best farmers, whose care and mindfulness guarantee the highest quality fruit from each crop. That’s how we create wines that are extremely tasty and rich in flavour.

LUBELSKI CIDER is the most popular Polish cider. In 2013 was the first Polish cider brand offered in wide distribution. Today it is a synonim of a category - a regional, natural product for consumers looking for high quality light alcohols. LUBELSKI CIDER is made from freshly pressed polish apples, in the process of natural fermentation. Thanks to this, it achieves a refreshing and unique taste owing to natural acidity well balanced with apple sweetness.

Poland is homeland of apple - biggest apple producer in Europe. Every Pole eats on average 13 kg apples per year! The Lublin region has over 22.000 ha of orchards. Thanks to the unique location, varied topography and excellent soils, apples from the Lublin region are characterised by rich aromas.

Lubelski Cider - from polish apples

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